The Ports Association of Louisiana (PAL) was founded in 1984 to aid in the advancement of Louisiana ports. PAL is a nonprofit trade association representing voluntary member ports and affiliated organizations. PAL helps to encourage economic development within the State of Louisiana. The goals of PAL are listed below:

  • To develop and foster good relations among all ports in the State of Louisiana
  • To promote the exchange of information between ports relative to new techniques or technologies on development, organization, administration and management
  • To facilitate the formulation of common positions, policies or plans on questions of common interest and to present such positions at regional, state, national and international discussions
  • To initiate measures which represent the interests of Association members within intergovernmental and other organizations in order to improve conditions and efficiency of the state’s port
  • To promote favorable publicity by publication through newsletters, journals, magazines or other media of all port affairs
  • To promote academic research and educational interest in the ports and marine sectors
  • To foster and encourage economic development within the State of Louisiana

PAL is governed by its Board of Directors, which consists of one representative from each Corporate Member. Officers are elected from within the Board to serve one-year terms.